Eating Thai Food Guide: All-Inclusive Guide to Eating Thai Food

Thai food has bountiful abundance and such diversity and soul to its credit. Every meal or bowl of food is extremely well balanced and is scintillating to the taste buds and has a lot to explore. It ticks all the boxes of being salty, sweet, spicy, sour and umami and it also happens to fulfil all textural diversity. Crunchy, soupy, has veggies, meat, and is soft, crispy all in one plate. The exterior world thinks that green and red Thai curry is all that Thai food is about, however there are many Thai dishes for you to explore.
Here are few best Thai dishes that you should consider ordering the next time you want some Thai food.

Khao Soi

This is goodness in a bowl, noodles in a very well-balanced coconut broth, along with other elements on the place like pickled relish, zing of lime, some meat, crispy shallots and much more.

Som Tam

This delectable wonder is essentially a green papaya salad along with other elements like peanuts, dried shrimp, tamarind, spicy chili, and fish sauce all brought together in the mortar and pestle. It is worth a try and is the essence of Thai food, balance of flavors and explosion of flavors at the same time.


A meaty salad, that either uses lamb chicken pork with a spicy dressing and mint to refresh the palate is a must next time you want some Thai food.

Tom Ka Ghai

This is a rich coconut milk chicken soup for the soul. It is rich, sweet and refreshing with flavors like lemongrass and ginger singing in the background.

Pad Pak Moong

This is the best Thai dish for veggie lovers and the health conscious individuals out there. Water spinach stir fried, with fermented black bean , garlic and spices will leave you wanting for more.

Tom Yum Goong

This is another bold soup bowl that Thai cuisine offers. A spicy shrimp soup with galangal, kaffir lime, lemongrass, shallots all working together harmoniously. Usually enjoyed on its own or with a nice bowl of coconut rice.

Tod Mun Pla with Nam Jim

The most common appetizer that features on a table filled with Thai food is this. This moreish delicacy is made from fish paste, bean paste, zingy lime inside, spices and flavored with curry paste. It is usually served with a mouthwatering Nam Jim which is essentially a dip that contains soy sauce, fish sauce, chilies, cucumbers, shallots and much more. It is delectable and so well balanced!

Kai Jeow

The Thai omelet like none other, crispy on the outside fluffy cloud like interior is heaven on a plate. This is usually served on a bed of rice either and a side of stir-fried vegetables or meat in chili sauce. The omelet itself is filled with a fermented sour sausage or a garlicky spicy pork. This dish is a part of every Thai kid’s childhood, devour this lip-smacking goodness.

Pad Thai

This is yet another popular tourist favorite, that is absolutely beaming of flavor. It is a fried noodle dish with the most amazing finger-licking sauce that goes into its making. It usually has chicken or pork added to it, but the vegetarian version is also popular. Served with some crunchy peanuts on top this is found in almost every street of Thailand and is a must.

Ruam Mit

To satiate your sweet tooth cravings, is this wonderful dessert that is essentially a cold dessert soup. An amazingly rich coconut broth harbors sliced jackfruit, Pandan leaves and coconut jelly, crisp water chestnuts, toddy palm seeds served over a bed of ice. The perfect refresher especially during hot summers.

Khao Niew Mamuang

The classic sticky rice with some mango is a favorite across the globe and is a true resonation of Thai food is- comfort and soul food. Juicy luscious mangoes served with sticky rice and thick sweet condensed milk; this is paradise on a plate.

Kao Tum Mud

Koa Tum Mud is sticky rice with coconut milk encased in a dough all of which is steamed in a bamboo leaf. This is the earthiest and satisfying sweet goodness you will taste. Served usually with black beans, banana, and tamarind. A wonderful sweet and sour dessert that lingers and leaves you wanting for more.
Thai food has soul and substance, these are some of the best Thai dishes you will ever taste. Enjoy its goodness and take in every bite with gratitude.

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